Maxfit Bangkok

Welcome to Maxfit Bangkok! Maxfit Bootcamp is a unique fitness experience in the heart of bustling Bangkok. Our home-based fitness studio gives you a friendly environment to get your sweat on! We use truck tires, sledge hammers, battle-ropes, fitness games and a variety of bodyweight and free-weight exercises to get your body moving and maximizing your fitness efforts. We specialize in bootcamps, small group sessions and personal training.

There are no exercise machines at Maxfit! We have gone back to the basics…

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Maxfit Bootcamp incorporates fitness games, interval training, weight training and body-weight exercises into a dynamic workout that gets results! In 2-4 weeks of attending Maxfit Bootcamp you will be well on your way to becoming a healthier, stronger and fitter you—and we guarantee that you will want to continue to Get Fit & Have Fun with us!

Personal Training

We provide personal training to members who would prefer to workout one on one with the trainer. This is definitely more effective since you have the trainer’s full attention. The whole training is focused on the member’s requirements, it could be fat loss, muscle-building, toning up or just conditioning.

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Maxfit Story

Who are we?

Short Story about Maxfit Bangkok, Stefan & Marie explain how to get the best fitness results in the shortest amount of time and it will give you overall idea on who we are and what we provide.

Maxfit Bangkok

Maxfit Bangkok in Action

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Invitation from Stefan & Marie

 Hello! We’re Stefan & Marie Lamping, Owners of Maxfit Bangkok. We would like to personally invite you to come try out our gym. We know you will like what you find. We’re so confident that you will enjoy your time at Maxfit Bangkok  that we are offering a 1 Week Free Trail so that you can come in and try out our gym and see why our different approach helps members get amazing results. There is no obligation, so what do you have to lose (except for fat, inches)?

It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in, if your male or female, short or tall, want to lose fat or tone up – it really doesn’t matter.

We’ve heard it many times…I’ve tried everything and I’m just tired of wasting my time and money on another weight loss program.””I’m exercising more than ever and I’m still not losing weight. Isn’t there a better way to get results?”Come in and we will get you in shape…


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