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MaxFit Boot Camp

MaxFit boot camp is a unique fitness experience in the heart of bustling Bangkok. our home-based fitness studio gives you a friendly environment to get your sweat on! We use truck tires, sledge hammers, battle-ropes, fitness games and a variety of body weight and free weight exercises to get your body moving and maximizing your fitness efforts.

There are no exercise machines at the MaxFit gym in Bangkok, we have gone back to the basics.

What is Bootcamp?

Boot camp is usually associated with basic military training but in the last few years fitness professionals all around the world have been using the term “boot camp” to describe a specific style of group fitness training.

Fitness boot camps usually combines basic military exercises such as push ups, pull ups and running with other functional exercises that use small portable equipment like suspension trainers, kettle bells & sandbags.

Originally fitness boot camps were conducted outdoors much like military boot camps, but due to the popularity of this style of fitness training, many fitness trainers/instructors have opened indoor boot camps to accommodate the weather and demands of clients from all age levels.

Indoor boot camps like those held at MaxFit Bangkok have the additional benefit of a larger variety of equipment which makes boot camp sessions more fun and challenging.

The benefits of MaxFit Boot Camp

  • Affordable yet customized fitness training
  • Gives you tangible results in a relatively short amount of time
  • Challenging fitness sessions that keep your muscles and metabolism guessing
  • Games and competition to make working out more fun
  • Progress tracking (we give mini fitness tests and take your body stats at regular intervals so you can see where/how you are make progress)
  • Simple and easy to follow nutrition guidelines

What results can you expect from my personal training, boot camps, and nutritional programs?

You have to live with your body for the rest of your life, therefore you want to make your body functional and fit to enjoy life. At MaxFit we don’t teach you how to use a machine, we teach what exercises are appropriate in terms of exercise selection, order, sets, reps, rest periods and tempo and how you can use these exercises to increase your strength, build hard dense lean muscles, drop your body fat levels (toning). These exercises are put in place for you to achieve your goals whether it being weight loss, increasing muscle mass, or gaining strength.

Boot Camp Schedule

We have several types of boot camp training on different days of the week:

Monday: High Intensity Interval Training
Tuesday: Heavier Weights/Resistance Training
Wednesday: Short burst Interval Training
Thursday: Heavier Weights/Resistance Training
Friday: Games, Partner workouts, Challenges & more!

Please contact us for a free consultation & trial session to discuss your fitness goals, limitations, lifestyle and schedule.

Prices vary according to amount of sessions paid upfront in advance.


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