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MaxFit Personal Training

If you are looking for a personalized tailor-made fitness program just for you, then MaxFit Personal Training is what you need. We will create a fitness program that will help you reach your specific goals. The more detailed and specific your goals are, then the more accurate our tailor-made personal training fitness program will be.

What is MaxFit Personal Training?

MaxFit Personal Training is an all inclusive fitness and health plan. How closely you follow our trainer’s fitness and health-eating suggestions will directly relate to how fast you will get the results you are striving for.

All MaxFit Personal Training sessions will include:

  1. A comprehensive warm-up (approx. 5-10mins)
  2. A resistance or interval training workout (approx. 30-40mins), your style of workout for the day will depend on your personal goals and your personal trainer’s discretion.
  3. A cool- down with stretches (approx. 5-10mins)

The Benefits of MaxFit Personal Training

  • Personalized Fitness Training Program
  • Customized Nutrition Advice
  • One on one attention and coaching
  • Training Sessions at your preferred times (as much as possible)

A unique benefit to MaxFit personal training is that we will take an interest in your nutrition habits. As any fitness professional will tell you, 20% of your desired fitness goals will be accomplished in the gym but 80% is accomplished in the kitchen.

Due to this, at MaxFit we combine our personal training programs with tried and proven nutrition plans. We will NOT give you a diet to follow—what we will give you is some suggestions about how to eat clean and healthy and most importantly when and how to juggle all your nutritional needs. All our nutrition programs have been approved of by qualified nutritionists.

What results can I expect?

If our MaxFit Trainer’s suggestions are followed closely you should start to see changes in your body in a month’s time!

But the best results are from a complete lifestyle change. Our MaxFit goal is not just to help you lose some inches or fat, or gain the body you’ve always dreamed of, but to help you make healthier choices in the long term.

Our most inspirational success stories are from those who after training with MaxFit have gone on to healthier lifestyles. Some have stopped smoking, or lessened their drinking habits, or even have become personal trainers themselves!

Your personal path to a healthier YOU is what we, MaxFit Personal Trainers, strive for.

Check out our success stories to read about it for yourself!

MaxFit Personal Training Schedule:

Completely up to you and your MaxFit Personal Trainer’s availability.

Please note that most of our trainers take Sunday off. If you would like them to train you on a Sunday please be aware that we might charge a bit extra for that session.

MaxFit Personal Training Prices:

1 Session: 1,500THB

12 Sessions 1 Month: 12,000THB = 1,000THB/Session

24 Sessions – 2 Months: 22,800THB = 950THB/Session

36 Sessions – 3 Months: 32,400THB = 900THB/Session

72 Sessions – 6 Months: 57,600THB = 800/Session

Please contact us for a free consultation & trial session to discuss your fitness goals, limitations, lifestyle and schedule.

Prices vary according to amount of sessions paid upfront in advance.

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