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Delivering Desired Results in a Safe, Cost-Effective and Timely Manner

Adam  Mather CPT started Maxfit because he was overweight for most of his childhood. Far too often his weight would prevent him from enjoying many of life’s pleasures that others around him would enjoy on a daily basis. This sparked Adam to take action and resulted in him losing 28kg of fat and gaining 5kg of muscle in just 9 months at the age of 18.

After making significant progress with his own body, he continued to learn more and went on to study numerous

qualifications, read countless books and research papers on the following topics: fitness, nutrition, & human physiology, habit-forming psychology, and mindset.

It took him almost a decade of learning and trial and error on countless clients to perfect a system to deliver undeniable results to any client who walks through the door.

His main goal is to have an impact on how you think about your health and your body and how you can make changes for the better.

Realistic Methods backed by Science

In the gym, Adam has been recognized for his cutting edge techniques in training, and his remarkable approach to nutritional coaching. What separates him from most other trainers is his own personal battle with weight-loss and experience in building a healthier, stronger and functional body.

The formula for replicating his own success has been tested not just by Adam, but by clients ranging from 15-75 years of age. He has created fun, effective and motivating sessions while prioritizing safety and injury prevention always.

His creativity is nearly unmatched in the industry which is what brings Maxfit to the top of the game.






"Dear Friend, this is Adam, I used to be struggling just like you. This was until I stumbled upon this amazing secret that has turned me into the person that you want to be... and guess what? I can help you, too."



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