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Thailand is a country with one of the lowest unemployment rates (about 1%). So we would like to take the time to talk about the benefits of fitness culture in the workplace.

With the Thai economy growing at lightspeed, the demand for sharp, productive and innovative employees is higher than ever. This is causing high levels of stress and depleted energy for the Thai people, and their health is at risk.

As a result, corporate wellness has never been more relevant.

So what exactly is fitness culture in the workplace and how can it benefit your company?

Corporate wellness is often defined as an organized fitness program that a company initiates for its employees (and sometimes their families too). The goals are to reduce health risks, enhance performance and to improve the quality of life for employees. This in return, usually also means a healthier bottom line for the company.

Corporate wellness can take many shapes and forms. The most effective ones usually encourage and educate employees on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Here are 5 main/direct benefits of adopting a fitness culture in the workplace.

Fitness Lowers Healthcare Costs:

Stated clearly—healthy employees cost less than unhealthy ones. On average, a company can save ฿25,000 per year per employee if they can adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Almost all healthcare costs for employers are due to the unhealthy lifestyle of employees (more specifically little or no exercise and bad nutritional habits).
Fitness Creates A Less Stressful Environment:

Our corporate wellness program teaches your employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically. In the modern age, most employees are sitting at a desk behind a computer screen for hours each day. This can cause damaging effects to your back, neck hands and wrists. Not to mention the strain in your eyes and mental fatigue. Being stuck in such an uncomfortable position can be quite stressful. With a proper exercise regiment, you will be more physically able to do such a job with fewer aches and pains. We also teach on topics of proper stretching and movements for desk-bound workers that help reduce pain.

Fitness Promotes Better Work Performance:

Studies continuously show that companies that offer a corporate wellness program have a higher employee retention rate. Also, these companies have much higher morale and less voluntary acts of laziness. This heavily relates to how exercise and proper nutrition can make energy levels skyrocket. These employees simply have more energy and more power than those who do not have an active lifestyle.

Fitness Increases Employee Show Up Rate:

Every company understands the need for “sick days”. It is not for the best interest of the company or employee to force them to work while they are sick. It can also be dangerous. It makes perfect sense that healthier employees call in sick a lot less. Their immune systems are stronger, their attitudes are better and they have more discipline and an understanding of how to manage their bodies. A corporate wellness program can reduce your employee sick days up to 80%, which could save your business tons of cash.

Fitness Builds A Stronger Team:

Morale and employee relationships are sometimes hard to understand or measure. The team-building factor is such a huge benefit of having a corporate wellness program. When your employees exercise together, they start to learn more about one another outside of the office. They build a stronger connection that isn’t just work-related. It also makes your employees feel more comfortable around each other. Not to mention, it encourages them to keep pursuing health and fitness if they know that they are all in it together. It is the job of the employer to go all lengths to create an atmosphere that makes your employees comfortable and motivated for their own personal success.

One way to get your company started on the road to fitness is by becoming a member of Maxfit. A group fitness studio, Maxfit provides members with thorough training programs, easy to follow nutritional coaching and weekly consultations and progress checks. We are the fastest growing fitness community in Bangkok and we coach a lot of busy professionals on the 3 core pillars of fitness: Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset.