Everyone who goes to the gym understands that nutrition is just as important as the exercise (if not more) when you want to reach your fitness goals. Many people know WHAT to do, and WHAT to eat, but far too often we fail and revert back to our bad habits. So today we want to talk about HOW to eat. By the end of this video, you will be one step closer to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Get out of the “diet” mentality: Let’s face the reality head-on with this one. If you go on a diet, you are most likely going to come off of a diet. This means that you are most likely just going to gain all the weight back that you lost. Instead, balance your nutrition plan and make it more sustainable for long-term success.

Know when to cheat: A lot of people are under the “eating healthy is suffering” umbrella. This is far from the truth. Instead, you can make eating healthily enjoyable but cooking low-calorie food and packing them with natural flavors. This will eliminate the need to cheat and binge eat on the weekend.

Eating the right balance of Macronutrients: What do we mean when we talk about Macronutrients? They are Protein, carbohydrates, and fats. One mistake many have made is trying to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet in order to lose weight. Yes, it can help you to lose weight, but it is not something that is sustainable for long-term weight loss. You want to have a good balance of macronutrients to give the body the fuel it needs in order to grow and get stronger/healthier. Here is a good balance: –

40% Carbs
40% Protein
20% Healthy Fat

Be prepared: “Those who fail to prepare should prepare to fail”. Instead, plan your week out so you know almost exactly what you will be eating each day of the week. This can get tough when a friend spontaneously invited you out for a Korean BBQ. Sometimes we need to be the bigger person and deny such temptations because we have our LONG-TERM GOAL AT STAKE. There is a time for Korean BBQ, but just make sure you are prepared so that you do not destroy a week’s worth of progress with one meal.

Protein is power: A huge mistake to be made is not eating enough protein when trying to lose weight or achieve any general fitness goals. We need protein in order to repair our muscles after a workout and get stronger. Also, protein helps us to stay full and will prevent overeating. How much protein do you need? About 2g per Kilogram of body weight should do the trick. If you have a hard time eating that much protein, there are protein shakes that make it easier for you to meet your daily requirements.